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Charles asked a good question off-line, wondering what a 62 Cilo looked like. I'm stretching the wee gray cells a might, smoking the truth (a bit) like a fine slow-dry enamel, but its been a pretty good day, negative ions are aloft and wafting generously, so here goes....

Mine was two toned (ultra-candied red with cream white panels, and chromed fork ends), blended much like you'd imagine a Mondia to be, and with that wonderful type of neuronal pin-striping. The ribands were campy champions; and as with my Tornado and very much unlike a Mondia (or Allegro or Tigra), the 'Swiss guarantie' was pronounced using an image of the Matterhorn with a twig of Edelweiss in the foreground (I loved that!). Earlier today, I should have said 'mostly' campy, as my Cilo had either Universal or Weinmann centerpulls. Anyway, 10-speed with fingertips; Ambrosio neck and bars; Brooks B-17. As I recall, it had Clement Elvezias (sp?) the day it was ripped. Came with an NOS Cilo wool jersey that I never wore and that my Mom gave to Goodwill. Since then, I have not seen another Cilo stack up to what I briefly had my grips on, 40 years ago. But, Seth Finkelstein has his own special story.

JB Froke, Pebble Beach CA