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Date: Sun, 16 Oct 2005 20:59:55 -0400
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While this didn't happen in my teens , I never get tired of telling this one: Sept. of 03 . Va. State RR Championship. About 20 miles into a 100 mile race , a breakaway that included Eneas Freyre (Kissena at that time) Craig Dodson (now with Team Cobblestone ) Jeremiah Bishop (current Trek and USA national mountain bike squad) and a few others got away. The break held a 2 minute lead with 3/4 of the race gone. With about a lap and a half to go , the break detonated leaving Freyre ,who had place 2nd the day before in a 77 mile RR in PG county ,Md all alone. Freyre was insight at 1k to go with the field bearing down on him. I jumped along with Cam Hollands(Snow Valley) . We closed in on the lone leader shoulder to shoulder and then neither one giving an inch , locked bars and smashed into the back of the Kissena rider , depositing all 3 of us 5 yards from the finish line .Luckily , no one was seriously hurt , but I know I felt terrible for Freyre who was obviously the strongest rider in the field. With age doesn't necessarily come wisdom . I was 38 at the time.

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June 1975 17 years old working all day hanging aluminum siding . Work day ends . Jump on a Bob Jackson and tell my boss " Betcha I can beat you back to Bayport ( 15 miles away ) . Almost did except if it wasn't for that idiot on a Ross Europa who was looking the other way crossing Middle Road right west of the town in Bayport . Having my head down wasn't much of a help avoiding that crash either . Was a perfect perpendicular hit . Hit him a little behind the crank pretty much in the center of his bike .Went air born right over the Ross's rear wheel . Landed on my right hip , little bit of road rash and bruised right arm . I was ok and so was the guy who crossed the Road . . Front rim was a 350 gram tubular , Super Champion I think . Front Rim was fine . Front Tire was flat . Forks were fine . Frame was destroyed , at the head tube lugs - split the top and down tube , at the seat lug - top tube and seat tube were buckled and at the bottom bracket seat tube and down tube were buckled . I am now 48 years old . Although that Jackson frame did not have one single braze-on I have never seen a paint job quite like that Bob Jackson frame had . To this day I still regret crashing that frame .

Mark J Moller , In a soaked East Yaphank NY