Re: [CR]Italian frame # 72A1485

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Date: Tue, 04 Oct 2005 08:41:49 -0400
From: George Allen <>
Subject: Re: [CR]Italian frame # 72A1485
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I have an Atala frame that I got out of the trash after the university students moved out in May. I'll check the serial number and get back to you. BTW, it's silver with blue trim, around 55CM with no fork. I figure early-1980's. It's free to anyone on the list willing to pay for shipping.

George Allen Lexington, KY At 06:35 PM 10/3/2005, John Thompson wrote:
>Michael Davies wrote:
> > I have an Italian frame (based on the BBs shell width
> > and threading) that I need help ID-ing.
> > Serial number 72A1485 (on upper right side of seat
> > tube)
> > Columbus tubing, 26.2 ID seat tube, with early style
> > Columbus tubing sticker.
>My old Atala has a 26.2 seat tube (not Columbus, though) and the serial
>number 72H7657 stamped vertically on the right side of the seat tube.
>John (
>Appleton WI USA