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Date: Mon, 17 Oct 2005 19:46:15 +0100 (BST)
From: Michael Butler <>
Subject: Re: [CR]Flying Scot
To: Bob Reid <>
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Bob, Bob Freeman has done a stunning job. One of the best and smartest I have seen, spot on period wise and very sympathetic. Shame he is not on our side of the pond I have some frames I would like him to weave his magic on, sure he would do them credit.Loathed to get them done here as I am not that impressed by the enamellers here except for Gerrard at C&G. I was up in your neck of the woods early this morning dropped a new Freelander early into Edinburgh from London was back in doors in Huntingdon by 4.30pm. The Waverley GNER and my connection were late but what a rail service, first class lunch on the train and very good value. Mark Stevens was asking about tandem pairings who were brothers I could only think of the Powney's Kingston Phoenix Road Club who got two RRA tandem records in 55 & 59. The ones he is after might be area record holders such as Eastern Counties etc. Got any ideas someone has suggested the Higginsons but weren't they Hetchins lads? Best wishes Mick Butler Hunts. UK. PS. I was going to start this Bob Bob but it sounded too much like Bob Maxwell (Captain Bob).

--- Bob Reid wrote:

> Just thought I'd share these pictures of the quality
> work carried out
> by listmember Bob Freeman last year on an ex-pat
> Scot's Scot - is
> that a double something ? I'll let the pictures
> speak for themselves.
> Suffice to say he made an old man and one of the
> first contributors
> to my website in 1999 very happy...
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> Bob Reid
> Stonehaven
> Scotland
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