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Subject: Re: [CR]A flat on todays ride - rim strip question-PX10Ewithclinchers - right name?
Date: Tue, 18 Oct 2005 02:37:48 -0700

For some rims, I like to fold the 11mm Velox a wee bit so the tape drops into the narrow center channel edges first, and so self-centers.

I've often warned riders about the effects of electrical tape adhesive on a butyl tube. Over a period of just several days, the tube may split at the line that follows the edge of the electrical tape, as when using it to secure the ends of a Tuffy strip. Over the years, a couple of cheap OEM rim tapes have appeared that did the very same thing.

I have at times cursed the owners of wheels I've had to service after they cleverly applied the reinforced packing tape. A thorough removal is always just about impossible and makes me consider just tossing the rim.

I've often glued down the ends of a rubber rim strip after it broke around the hole at the valve stem. I've had to use tire patch adhesive when it broke while fixing a flat in the field, but the repair proved durable as long as the strip wasn't full of cracks.

David Snyder
Auburn, CA

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Subject: RE: [CR]A flat on todays ride - rim strip

question-PX10Ewithclinchers - right name?

> Yes, Velox is best, and comes in several sizes that shops often don't
> carry,
> including very narrow, several 'normal' sizes, and at least two very wide
> sizes. I use it on everything from pizza cutters, to BMX and ultra-wide
> downhill rims.
> Plain old black electrical tape works great in a pinch (or while waiting
> to
> get to the shop, or for them to order Velox). Go around the rim 2-3
> times.
> Easy to cut, comes off cleanly, light, readily available, and a multiple
> layer wrap is plenty durable. Also kind of neat because if it's too wide,
> it's thin and stretchy enough that you can use it without cutting it down,
> and it won't interfere with the tire beads seating.
> Bill Roberts,
> Jacksonville, OR
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> Kurt Sperry wrote:
>> I've used strapping tape with good results, when no rim tape is at
>> hand...
> My experience with strapping tape (clear tape with filiment running
> lengthwise) was not good. The spoke hole edges cut the filiment over
> time and when I tried to remove the tape it wouldn't come up cleanly.
> Left lots of the filiment stuck to the rim bed. A real mess.
> Rubber rim strips deteriorate, rim rope was weird, Michelin plastic rim
> strips cracked at the spoke holes and cut the inner tube, strapping tape
> deteriorated... Velox is best.
> Chuck Schmidt
> South Pasadena, Southern California