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Date: Wed, 19 Oct 2005 11:27:27 -0700 (PDT)
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A really great book for pictures of Merckx & his bikes is a book available in Europe titled "Merckx: Mens & Mythes" by Phillippe Brunel & Rik Vanwalleghem (ISBN 90 209 5231 5) and the publisher is Lanno ( ). This book is a coffee table sized book filled with great black & white pics from throughout Eddy's career and, as one would guess, many of these pics show Eddy's bikes. I mail ordered my copy of this book from a sports book dealer in the Netherlands, which I found via Google. I have no idea if Amazon can supply this book, but it might be worth looking.

Also, regarding Dale's comments about the Kessels framesets, it seems that most of the personal bikes Kessels built for Eddy had flat seat stay caps. This seems to be different from the Kessels-built Merckx bikes that were imported into the U.S., as Dale mentioned these having fluted caps.

Dave Patrick Chelsea, Michigan Mark Cutrufelli <> wrote: Would love to see pics of FIAT Team bike (2nd to last in list below) if anyone has them.

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Most of the framesets of Merckx's biketeams of 1974-1978 were made at Kessels (Main d'Or), a frame building company in Belgium: - 1974: Molteni Team - orange+ blue - 1975: Molteni Team - orange + blue - 1976: Molteni Team - orange + blue - 1977: FIAT Team - silver + blue - 1978: C&A Team - silver + yellow


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