[CR]Italian frame # 72A1485 Atala/Maino

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Subject: [CR]Italian frame # 72A1485 Atala/Maino
Date: Tue, 4 Oct 2005 10:14:39 -0700

I have a Maino, many of which I have heard were made in the Atala factory (or vice-versa). It is serial #R726421, also stamped vertically (up) on the right side of the seat tube. It so happens that this particular one is a 21" (marked so on the BB - for US export - i.e. not marked in metric). Whether the last two digits indicate the size, or just a coincidence, I don't know. It's measured c-t BTW. I believe, as others have said, that the first two digits are the year model, and the letter is the month or week code. I think mine is 26.2 also.

Bill Roberts Jacksonville, OR

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Michael Davies wrote:
> I have an Italian frame (based on the BBs shell width
> and threading) that I need help ID-ing.
> Serial number 72A1485 (on upper right side of seat
> tube)
> Columbus tubing, 26.2 ID seat tube, with early style
> Columbus tubing sticker.

My old Atala has a 26.2 seat tube (not Columbus, though) and the serial number 72H7657 stamped vertically on the right side of the seat tube.

John (john@os2.dhs.org)
Appleton WI USA