Re: [CR] Early Super Record Chainring markings?

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Date: Thu, 20 Oct 2005 10:05:50 -0400
From: George Allen <>
Subject: Re: [CR] Early Super Record Chainring markings?
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Did the markings change on the chain ring bolts and crank dust covers from "Patent" to "Brev" at the same time? I assume the change occurred mid-1977 as I have a NIB crank-set marked with the 7 in a diamond that has "Brev" chain rings, chain ring bolts and dust covers, IIRC. However, it's a possibility that someone switched out the "Patent" parts for "Brev" parts. It seems "Patent" rings are difficult to find. I'm still kicking myself for missing this one, a great deal at 26 bucks: URL: Ebay Item # 7187482602

Also, are all the 41 tooth Campy chain rings marked merely <C> as mine is? Are they later vintage? Someone posted a link to a picture of one awhile back but I can't find it now.

George Allen Lexington, KY

At 11:12 PM 10/19/2005, wrote:
>Date: Thu, 20 Oct 2005 07:22:57 +0800
>From: "Bill Talbot" <>
>Subject: [CR]Early Super Record Chainring markings?
>Can anyone tell me how the early SR chainrings were marked? The only two I
>have are marked with Brev. Campagnolo <42>. Were earlier versions marked
>Bill Talbot
>New Hartford, CT
>The early ones (1973-1977ish) were marked "Patent Campagnolo" just like
>the early Record rings were.
>Greg "Pat. not Brev." Parker
>Ann Arbor, Michigan