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Don't forget lessen 4, The pros aren't used to no support.

Great story

george argiris san diego,ca

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A Good read on cycling

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> This is a true story. Saturday, October 29 I went
> for a solo ride. About noon I stopped at a red light
> at the intersection of Tice Valley Blvd. and Rossmoor
> Parkway in Walnut Creek. I saw a cyclist walking his
> bike west-bound across the intersection. I noticed
> he was wearing a full team uniform (CSC), something
> I'm personally not into. The light changed and I
> started to cross, southbound on TVB. The cyclist
> flagged me down. He said he had double flatted and
> wanted me to give him a tube. Initially I was
> irritated. Why wasn't this guy properly equipped?
> Why I should I give him a tube and maybe get stuck
> myself? I offered him a patch kit, but he really
> wanted a new tube. He had no money to pay me for a
> tube, but he said if I'd ride with him to the bike
> shop he'd get me a new tube.
> Well, I do believe in karma, and, in the end, I
> always think it's better to help somebody out. I
> always think I might be stuck someday myself. I gave
> him a tube and decided to hang around and take him up
> on his offer to give me a new one at the shop. It's
> a good think I did. He had no tire levers. He had
> no pump. He had no water bottle, no money, no phone,
> no credit card, no nada. But I noticed he sure was
> able to change out a tube in no time at all. As I
> watched him we chatted. He was very soft-spoken,
> with a slight, mysterious accent. He asked my name
> and gave me his first name. He was from Salt Lake
> City. He was staying in Berkeley for the weekend and
> had ridden out of Berkeley, done Crow Canyon, and was
> now heading back to Berkeley. He said he knew the
> local roads because he used to live in Berkeley while
> his girlfriend was a student at Cal.
> New tube installed we hopped on our bikes to head for
> Sharp Bicycles in Lafayette. Revelation number two.
> The guy was on his bike and across the intersection
> before I was clipped in. OK, he has good bike
> handling skills. As we rode along I watched him and
> saw he was very strong, very relaxed and completely
> confident. He was also very courteous. On the
> Lafayette-Moraga Trail he rode slowly and spoke to
> the pedestrians we passed.
> I asked him what he did in Salt Lake. He said he was
> a bike racer. I asked him if he rode for CSC. He
> said he did. I asked him if he had been in Europe
> last summer. He said yup, he had been.
> About this time we arrive at the shop. My new friend
> went up to the counter, explained his predicament,
> said he had no money but promised to call back with a
> credit card if they would only cover him. The shop
> keeper said "OK, What's your name?" "Dave Zabriskie."
> After that it was like that scene in Wayne's World
> when they meet Alice Cooper, "We're not worthy."
> They happily fronted Dave for whatever he asked for,
> including my replacement tube. Patrons crowed around
> to shake Dave's hand. As we said goodbye I said to
> Dave, "I had no idea who I was riding with." He
> replied "I'm just another guy." And you know what,
> he was. I will never have 10% of Dave Zabriskie's
> skills, but for those few moments we were just two
> guys united by the hazards of the road.
> This was a very cool adventure for me, and I think it
> has a few lessons for all of us.
> 1. You never know who is riding the road with you.
> 2. Be prepared to flat, more than once. If it can
> happen to a yellow jersey wearer it can happen to you.
> 3. Always stop to help a fellow cyclist in need.
> You never know who might need your help.
>From Charles Nighbor Member of the grizzy Peak Cyclists Club in Berkeley CA Walnut Creek