Re: [CR]Holy mackerel, 77 Masi Prestige Fiera

Date: Wed, 02 Nov 2005 07:27:41 -0500
From: James Swan <>
Subject: Re: [CR]Holy mackerel, 77 Masi Prestige Fiera
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I saw a similar treatment years ago on a track bike owned by Al Toefield, of Kissena fame. Instead of a bunch of small holes it had one big hole. The bike was all chrome and had no fransfers.

This was over 20 years ago. The bike was on loan to a rider named Brian Keating who I still run into now and then. Next time I'll ask him if he knows more about that bike.

Jamie Swan - Northport, N.Y. (mapped)

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> << Here's the links to pix of the holy chainstays:
> So......... what are we to suppose is filling those holes?
> Ricotta cheese?
> It's kind of funny, as cool as that looks, it's hard to imagine that
> whatever
> was used to fill the "innards" weighs less than those little slivers
> of steel
> that were removed.... But, why be logical or practical when
> considering the
> romance of creativity?
> Dale Brown
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