Re: [CR]Major Taylor & Other Adjustable Extensions (Stems)

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Subject: Re: [CR]Major Taylor & Other Adjustable Extensions (Stems)
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Date: Thu, 03 Nov 2005 13:08:46 -0800

Hello Ted, Regarding Major Taylor stems most of the pictures I have seen of the "Maestro" he is riding a round version of an adjustable extension with the handlebar clip fitted uppermost instead of the more common under-slung fashion. The largest British maker of Major Taylor (square section) extension was Accles & Pollock they made these in three versions conventional, webb with exactly that, this web piece ran from the horizontal to the vertical and a braced version with an extra round bracing rod running in the same place instead of the web section. All three types were available in headclip or expander bolt fitting. These were really popular and fashionable prior to the Second World War which was their heyday in the UK. Holdsworth stopped listing them in the 1940's but Brown Brothers still supplying them in the early 1950's. The round section adjustable extension that you see Major Taylor equipped with mostly was called a "Middleton" here and were still being sold in the early 1960's, this style of extension must have had the longest time frame 1890's to 1960's. There was also a round section extension very similar to the former called a "Cam". Another extension you never here off is again adjustable and of round section is the "Duke" circa late 1940's. In this the handlebar clip fitted into drilled slots on the stem so not quite as versatile in its adjustment. Holdsworth also made the "Quanda" (fitted to early La Queldas) this was an adjustable extension with a downward-curved forward extension sliding in the special head-stem section. Lastly the other popular adjustable was the Constrictor extension. Mick Butler Hunts UK. -- Michael Francis Butler