Re: [CR]stripped pedal threading

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Subject: Re: [CR]stripped pedal threading
Date: Tue, 8 Nov 2005 11:56:14 -0800

Subject: Re: [CR]stripped pedal threading

Mark wrote:
>You can buy a whole kit with the tape, die and about ten helicoils. In the directions I believe it calls for red locktite, we used JB weld thinking the helicoil will never come out and it worked well. In the end I believe you will have stronger threads that OEM as you now have a steel insert that will be a lot harder to strip.

ELDI makes the thread insert kit you mention and the inserts can be Loctite in place.

The Eldi inserts are NOT Helicoils which are coils of special shape wire which are installed with a special tap and then a tool to thread them in and break off the installation tang.

AFIK, Helicoils have never been available in sizes that fit pedal axle thread diameters and pitch (but hey, maybe somebody had some made and I've just never stumbled across them).

Hugh Enox
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