Re: [CR]Re: Fake Hoods & Decals & What Else

Date: Tue, 08 Nov 2005 21:51:34 -0500
From: James G Allen <>
Subject: Re: [CR]Re: Fake Hoods & Decals & What Else
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Once again, can someone tell me how to distinguish an original hood from a fake/reproduction? Are there differences in the logo or the print? Is the gum rubber a different compound? Do they feel differently? After 25+ years, whether they are light or dark in color would have more to do with how they were stored, wouldn't they? Does someone have inside information as to "counterfeit" production, er reproduction? Personally, with 5 bikes requiring Globe hoods and only 2 outfitted that way, I wouldn't mid an "alternative" as long as they were so advertised. And if I sold mine, I certainly would make that fact known to any potential buyer.

George Allen Lexington, Ky

At 09:27 PM 11/8/2005, wrote:
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> writes:
><< ... nothing wrong with reproductions as long as the purveyor distinguishes
>them as such. >>
>Hmm. Hard to know how to feel about this..
>On one hand, it seems noble to supply a product that everyone wants.. And it
>is sort of Scarlet Pimpernelesque to dodge the bad guys (in this case, Campy,
>who squashes attempts like this)
>But if the seller is sneaky and tries to pass them off as genuine by
>lying-through-omission, just to make more dollars from naive buyers, then
>it is not an
>honest or ethical act..
>Oh the dilemmas of life!
><< Why any one wants to buy a non-original part is totally beyond my
>comprehension; unless they are also looking to deceive for profit or
> Reproductions are nothing more or less than substitutes for the real thing.
>Why bother????? >>
>Because we want our bikes to look as close to original as possible, and when
>virtually all the stuff that wears out is used up, how else to do that but
>reproduction stuff? Gratification? OK, I will take that whenever I can get


>Ha ha.


>Dale Brown

>Greensboro, NC USA