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Date: Tue, 8 Nov 2005 20:26:23 -0800

> Me thinks Campy's lawyers have good reasons for doing what they do.


\r?\n> First, any parts in use remain as potential liabilities, and continuing to

\r?\n> make parts for potentially fragile (or in any way mechanically dated)

\r?\n> components makes the old parts legally current. Many a manufacturer has

\r?\n> offered trade-in allowance for older product simply to remove the old

\r?\n> parts from service and eliminate their potential liability.


\r?\n> Second, allowing outside companies to counterfeit their parts could

\r?\n> reasonably be expected to escalate over time to the point where

\r?\n> more-current parts get produced, potentially (likely) to lower standards,

\r?\n> impugning Campagnolo's reputation for quality and possibly eroding

\r?\n> profits. Protecting trademarks would seem to be best accomplished by

\r?\n> nipping the bud of potential forgers.


\r?\n> I would expect a company like Campagnolo to aggressively protect their

\r?\n> trademarks.


\r?\n> David Snyder

\r?\n> Auburn, CA usa



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\r?\n>> Well, the original is preferable, unless - as I mentioned

\r?\n>> earlier - it is so badly designed as to be unusable.


\r?\n>> Still, sometimes the original part is just too difficult to

\r?\n>> obtain. Now, I can understand having to be a bit sly in your

\r?\n>> auction title to avoid Campagnolo's lawyers. What I do find

\r?\n>> objectionable, is receiving an answer like "they are what they

\r?\n>> are" to an emailed question.


\r?\n>> Granted, those eBay e-mails become a public part of the

\r?\n>> auction. Yet there are simple ways to answer privately.

\r?\n>> Perhaps a seller might be worried that Campagnolo's lawyers are

\r?\n>> posing as possible eBay bidders? In that case, isn't the best

\r?\n>> answer "I don't know for sure?"

\r?\n>> That's it for me,

\r?\n>> Fred Rednor - Arlington, Virginia (USA)


\r?\n>>> For me; the only thrill comes from original.


\r?\n>>> Imitation may be the sincerest form of flattery, but it ain't

\r?\n>>> the real deal !!!


\r?\n>>> Once again...WHY bother???


\r?\n>>> Nick Zatezalo

\r?\n>>> Atlanta,Ga



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\r?\n>>> "Why any one wants to buy a non-original part is totally

\r?\n>>> beyond

\r?\n>>> my comprehension; unless they are also looking to deceive for

\r?\n>>> profit or gratification.


\r?\n>>> Reproductions are nothing more or less than substitutes for

\r?\n>>> the real thing.

\r?\n>>> Why bother?????"


\r?\n>>> Wow, Nick... I thought I was a purist!


\r?\n>>> What about Nick's (Lloyds Cycles) decals? They are

\r?\n>>> reproductions of the

\r?\n>>> originals. Would these be worth bothering with? Are you going

\r?\n>>> to hold out

\r?\n>>> for originals. Or indeed what about repainting a cycle with

\r?\n>>> non original

\r?\n>>> paint? Or what about my reproduction (albeit clearly offered

\r?\n>>> as such)

\r?\n>>> Raleigh roadster grips c. 1950s? I guess this project must

\r?\n>>> have been

\r?\n>>> "gratifying"; it sure as heck hasn't been profitable!


\r?\n>>> How long has it been since Campagnolo made these globe badged

\r?\n>>> brake hoods? A

\r?\n>>> quarter of a century?? Methinks it's not going to be that

\r?\n>>> much longer before

\r?\n>>> the last of the "real thing" is dragged, kicking and

\r?\n>>> screaming, from the

\r?\n>>> fridge (or wherever these are best mummified) and put on eBay

\r?\n>>> for a Buy it

\r?\n>>> Now at $178.00? Sooner or later, reproductions of some of the

\r?\n>>> essential

\r?\n>>> perishables are going to be required. And welcome. Even if

\r?\n>>> the recreator

\r?\n>>> does it for gratification and profit.


\r?\n>>> Peter Kohler

\r?\n>>> Washington DC USA