RE: [CR]Fake Campy Hood Marketing Genius!!!

From: "" <>
Date: Wed, 9 Nov 2005 10:38:18 -0500
Subject: RE: [CR]Fake Campy Hood Marketing Genius!!!

This is such a classic CR List discourse. I love it.

Unless I missed a posting, it comes down to this: more than a few of us think making reproduction Campy hoods is a swell idea and we want to know where we can get them. Others think it's devious and otherwise naughty t o do this. But they won't reveal how we can share in the naughtiness. On e wonders if they want this mystery source all to themselves?

The idea that Campagnolo is going to remanufacture these, at any price, is... well it's not going to happen. Companies embrace their "heri tage" in word and image, not in reproducing old stuff for a couple of thousand collectors. Now I know many here think Campagnolo is some mythical diety

and the stuff is made by little Italian elves in some quaint Italian village. But it's just a money making enterprise that's about cycling today, not yesterday. They have proven their "interest" in all this is confined to attorneys clamping down on little, insignificant bods remanufacturing their crappy brake hoods (let's face it Weinmann and Mafac

brake hoods are far more durable and better made but that's out little secret).

Anyway, the saga continues. Maybe the seller of these hoods can meet us in some dark corner and we can exchange a few bucks for a few bags. We all knew this bike collecting was an addiction. Now we can act like it.

Peter Kohler Washington DC USA

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