[CR]campy brake hoods

From: Rnitro1969@aol.com
Date: Wed, 9 Nov 2005 10:58:16 EST
To: classicrendezvous@bikelist.org
cc: Rnitro1969@aol.com
Subject: [CR]campy brake hoods


i'am the person who is selling the campy hoods.they are

not represented as nos. they have sold for many different prices.they have been sold for over a year and ONLY 2 people have said anything about being reproductions.GREG PARKER AND KEN DENNY and neither one of them has bothered to return them for a complete refund.if they had called me as they were told to they would have found out like others on the list already know that if a cr member buys them they get the $40.00 a pair price. When they realized it wasn't their deal they took the judas approach and turned me over to the list to nail me to thecross.ONE MORE TIME GREG PARKER AND KEN DENNY RETURN THE HOODS FOR A COMPLETE REFUND. SAVVY. now if if anybody has a better way of getting these into your hands.LET ME KNOW. after all the discussions about not being able to get the hoods over and over again tell me. if they have turned to salt and you used it on your fries send me the wrapper and ill send you a refund. i knew there were a couple of rotten apples on the list that would be a problem and this situation would happen when i started. so all you eastern boys who are trying to screw with me off list forget it.they are just bicycle hoods not ferrari parts. it always the same group of people who are bitchin about anything on this list and taking the fun out of this Hobby.can you spell hobby greg, i knew you could.and i have never marketed these hoods through this list as it

belongs to dale not myself so quit trying to tell him what to do with his site .i will market these hoods on ebay with no logos ,they fit perfect and are very nice.no reports of them turning to dust and floating off into the atmosphere.i have thousands of world logo hoods that will remain in my possession and go on my own bikes and my grand kids will never want for hoods. if you would like to take me off the list dale that's fine, i have talked to you before and you have always been real decent,.believe me no attempt

was made to decieve. and for those of you who are more worried about your future supplies and the guys who didn't pay the measley $40.00 after getting their hoods dont ask for more.and as for campagnolo they dont have to worry about me. PS. GREG WHEN JESUS CHRIST MAKES HIS SECOND COMING DONT SHOOT HIM,HELL BE NEW NOT NOS. AND THE LIST CAN THANK YOU FOR KILLING A GOOD THING. very often new repops cost more than nos just look at other industrys.did you want me to do it for free.THIS WILL BE MY ONE AND ONLY POST ON THIS MATTER.


robbie fellows.