Re: [CR]Enough on repro - NOT

Date: Wed, 9 Nov 2005 11:27:27 -0800 (PST)
From: Raymond Dobbins <>
Subject: Re: [CR]Enough on repro - NOT
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i agree with bob hovey, and somebody else earlier who said that this was a classic cr thread/discussion. world logo hoods are very much on topic, and the discourse has remained civil, so why ask for censure? if it got boring for you, use the delete key. dale is in fact involved in a thread about campy french threaded bb cups - i've been deleting those posts without reading them ever since i found out the threading was french cuz it's not my thing, but i'm not about to ask for a cease-and-desist order no matter how long the thread continues.

anyway, if you are still reading, i just want to say that although i am lucky enough to have just put a pair of mint world logo hoods on my masi, i am thinking of ordering a pair of the repro's. not just as a spare set, but as collectibles in their own right. that's right, one day these "original reproductions" may be as rare as the originals! :) they certainly are an established object of passionate discourse!

btw, the mint original hoods that went on my masi, i got from none other than nick z., who was generous enough to part with them from his "foresight stash." he knew that originality was important for me on this project, and as he respected that, he helped me out. a great example of noblesse-oblige of less-hoarding variety. thanks nick.

when i get the repros i promise to revive this thread by reporting on the hood, with photos to boot - you're welcome.

ray dobbins
miami florida

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> Bill writes:


\r?\n> >It's time to move on to new topics.  No more posts on repro parts

\r?\n> please.

\r?\n> ..


\r?\n> >Where is our esteemed list-master this week anyway?




\r?\n> Last I heard, he was participating in a rather interesting discussion

\r?\n> about

\r?\n> the relative merits of various types of new and old parts used to

\r?\n> restore

\r?\n> vintage bikes...


\r?\n> Not everyone has made up their mind about what is or is not

\r?\n> appropriate for

\r?\n> use on a vintage bike. As long as individual use varies from

\r?\n> wall-hangar t

\r?\n> o

\r?\n> everyday rider, there will be no single absolute answer and quite a

\r?\n> few

\r?\n> listmembers will enjoy reading and weighing everyone else's view on

\r?\n> the subj

\r?\n> ect.

\r?\n> Topics like this, and others such as conservation vs restoration, are

\r?\n> what k

\r?\n> eep

\r?\n> me reading the list every day.


\r?\n> Bob Hovey

\r?\n> Columbus, GA