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Date: Fri, 11 Nov 2005 13:14:53 -0500
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Twill tape... That's cool, but there's no adhesive on the back of this stuff right? So what does one do about getting it to stay in place on the bars? Anything at all, or just wrap it tightly? I'd been meaning to ask this question long ago as I had opened an old box of yellow Tressorex (at least I think that was it) and discovered there was no adhesive on the back (or it had dried up or needed to be activated or something) kind of stumped me as all the cloth I'd ever used previously was the Cateye brand which came sticky.

And related question, about dying cloth tape, what have you found works best (is colourfast, doesn't bleed off in your hands etc) I have a large box of white cotton Cateye that I bought expressly because it was cheap and I figured it would be cool to custom dye tape. As of yet I've not started the process, so hence the question.

Thoughts and experiences appreciated.

David -- David Bilenkey Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
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> Hockey tape's OK, but as you said, it is thinner. If you
> want the same
> stuff that was originally used for handlebar tape, you can
> look for 1" heavyweight
> bias ply twill tape. Like hockey tape, it is much cheaper
> than bike bar
> wrap ($12 or so for a 72 yard roll of white), but it is
> indistiguishable from
> traditional bar wrap in weight and texture. But unlike
> hockey tape, the color
> range is limited, which means dying your own if you need other colors.
> Here's a link...
> Bob Hovey
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