FW: Re: [CR] campy brake hoods

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Subject: FW: Re: [CR] campy brake hoods
Date: Fri, 11 Nov 2005 18:40:13 +0000

I have no further comments. The truth is the truth.

Greg Parker Dexter, Michigan

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who you kidding why would a bigger ass than yourself care if you knew about some measly bike accessories. he had a pair for at least a year that he never bothered to return, and he never mentioned it to you his great pal.get into a real hobby that makes money. i have a mickey thompson magnesium 429 ford blower manifold i of 3 in ever made, personal gift from mick. good guy price to you. $40,000 how many bike parts you got to sell to buy this.its funny were always joking about the ebay and cr police. now go lay by your bowl..

this is my last response if you have something to say put it on the list and quit sneaking around. and what you wont tolerate dont mean crap. i bet you run streamers on your bars. im going to run off some $100.00 bills this morning ,you can have them for $80.00 each.good guy price. its the Gomez Adams way.


PS.tell ken denny i know of a repo hoods company for sale.but the books are cooked.