Re: [CR]Re: have you ever done anything strangerthan this??

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Subject: Re: [CR]Re: have you ever done anything strangerthan this??
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Date: Fri, 11 Nov 2005 22:09:40 +0100
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Hm, i'd simply try to put some kind of liquid glue to the handlebars before wwrapping it?!

Martin Appel, Munich, Germany

"RB" <> schrieb:
>I don't get it. I thought shellaced cork (sometimes with twine) was
>THE old
>school bar wrap of the pro track riders. Was this actually shellaced
>cotton? Perhaps the cork was thinner in those days?
>I have some Cinelli natural cork (modern) bar wrap. I like it very
>much. I
>was going to try shellac on some on my fixed gear. Has anyone
>tried this?
>Bill Roberts
>Jacksonvill, OR
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>Bob wrote:
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>> In a message dated 11/10/05 12:18:27 PM, Alan Goldsworthy writes:
>> >
>> > Martin, Though I've never shellac-ed any cork myself, I see no
>why it
>> > can't be done.
>> >
>> I see one reason why it might not be advisable... shellac's relative
>> of inflexibility. When used on a material that is hard (wood,
>> stretched cloth) there shouldn't be any problem... but for something
>spongy as
>> cork, I don't see how one could expect it not to craze, or even
>flake off.
>> John Thompson writes:
>> > Harrumph. Real Men go out and catch the beetles themselves and
>> them down into shellac resin. :-)
>> John, that's great if you want bug paste, but to get shellac you
>need to
>> collect the secretions the lac beetles leave behind on trees.
>> I've trained my beetles to secrete their resins directly onto my
>> Saves a lot of work, though my wife is not too pleased with all the
>> the house.
>> Bob Hovey
>> Columbus, GA