[CR]1983 Woodrup build-up specs?

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From: AdventureCORPS News <news@adventurecorps.com>
Date: Mon, 14 Nov 2005 11:52:46 -0800
Subject: [CR]1983 Woodrup build-up specs?

Hi gang

I have what I think is a 1983 Woodrup Giro Touring frameset that I built up earlier this year as a fixed gear bike for open road riding. Now I've decided to set it up with gears.

I don't want to do a period-correct build-up, but I would be interested to know how most of these were set up when they were originally sold. That would be interesting to me, while also providing possible suggestions for which derailleurs, etc I'd put on it.

Matching NOS front and rear derailleur sets I currently have from that general area which I could install include Zeus, Galli, Superbe Pro, Cyclone MK-II, and Mavic SSC. I would probably not put Campy NR/SR on this bike.

Note the bike does not have downtube shifter braze-ons. It just has a little tab beneath the downtube in that location, presumably to keep a bar-end shifter cable stop clamp from slipping down the downtube. I don't really want to put bar-ends on this bike, although I use them on many of my others.

So, that brings up the downtube shifter-mounting issue. Does anybody have an appropriate clamp for mounting downtube shifters? If so, I have some Simplex retrofriction shifters I could use, but for which I have no clamp. (Or I could use the "endless band" shifters from Suntour, as requested in the post I just made.)

Thanks for your insights and suggestions! Reply on- or off-list, as you think appropriate.

Here's a slideshow of my Woodrup:


Regards Chris Kostman http://www.adventurecorps.com Oak Park, CA, USA