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Date: Tue, 15 Nov 2005 10:17:16 -0000
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Mark, You need a letter along with the number, which was sequential, as the letter is related to the year of manufacture. For example Y=1957. To make it a little awkward you then work the alphabet backwards and miss out Q and I. I initially figured that Q was in and O was out but have since recorded O frames. Once you reach A you start again with Z. See, simple! The timeline for Vampires was roughly 1951 to 1957, so the museum one should be between E for 1951 and Y for 1957. If you find it please let me know. £200 seems a bit steep for that kind of condition, but sounds like a good cause - I know how tough it is to run a small museum. Depending on the year I may be able to provide a catalogue scan.

Nigel Land (V-CC Elswick-Hopper Marque Enthusiast) Lincolnshire England

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While visiting the Arcata Library Bike facility to pick up a commuter bike f or a family member, the director of the facility asked if I'd like to see an old bike he'd just received. We went into the back and there sat a Hopper Vampire!

The bike had obviously been stored in a barn or similar place for many years . Badly rusted components, but complete. The frame appears in good shape, w ith the 531db and other decals clearly visible.

The director asked me to see if I could find a buyer for it, as the facility had just had over $2k stolen (most likely an inside job, sadly) and is in f inancial straits as a non-profit organization of its size can ill afford tha t kind of loss.

So, I am offering the Hopper to the list. Here's a rundown of the bike. I can e-mail pictures later this week after I shoot some.

Hopper Vampire - Serial #51760 (Would this make it a 1951?) Seat tube - 21" ctt Top Tube - 22.5" ctc Chainstays - 17.5" Full 531 frame and fork Not sure what kind of lugs, but they seem to be well finished. Benelux 8 speed derailleur system GB Coureur side pull brakes 32 x 40 wheels w/stainless spokes Rims are rusted out, as are the hub shell centers and cottered cranks.

I'd like to get $200 plus shipping for this, but any reasonable offer will d o. Remember that this is for a not for profit organization that recycles ol d bikes to allow students and others to ride bikes instead of paying the hig hest gas prices in the mainland US. You can check it out at http://www.arcata.com/ greenbikes/

Mark Ritz
Arcata, CA