Re: [CR]Wide range front derailleur for 52/36 - recommendation needed

Date: Tue, 15 Nov 2005 21:15:15 -0500
From: Marcus Coles <>
Subject: Re: [CR]Wide range front derailleur for 52/36 - recommendation needed
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Amir Avitzur wrote:
>Tony Oliver's book mentioned that care must be taken when choosing a front
>He used Simplex LJ's as his examples - narrow range double, wide range
>triple, and wide range double.
>But he wasn't more specific than that.
>I need a wide range double for a 52/36 chainring combination.
>Any recommendations?
>This is for a 70's Bertin with a TA Pro-3 crankset.
>Amir Avitzur
>Ramat-Gan, Israel

I'm smoothly shifting this ring combination with a Suntour ARX front derailleur on a Sugino GT crankset. Both of which are near the end of the CR timeline, but I don't think the ARX is actually much different than earlier Suntour units which may be more period correct for your application.

I won't go into details on the rear, other than to say I am using a Shimano road triple derailleur.

IMO it makes for some nice gear combinations for flexibility without having to go to triple chainrings.

Marcus Coles
London, Ontario, Canada