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Subject: [CR]terminology

Various writers wrote:

"For some obscure reason, some writers on bicycle matters

seem to have a problem with the terms "right" and "left."

"left and "right" are so often confused,

I still think forks don't have a drive side though, unless you have one

o' them "2x2" front-and-rear-wheel-drive bikes (sorry, OT!) Didn't they

drive on the left though?

And don't forget, in England where they also drive on the left,

"non-driveside" means right!"


Here's the non cycling analogous explanation:

Along time ago the Omnipotent Despot (Me) was VERY into Volkswagen Beetles. The issue arose as to what was the front of the engine and what was the rear. Most people will raise the rear deck lid (Not called the "trunk" as the engine lives there) and call the part of the engine they see (the area with the fan belt/distributor/ carb; the front. BUT they are wrong! The front would be the other side: the part with the flywheel; the part you NEVER see unless you yank the engine.

So the easy way I remembered the difference was to think of it as if I'm sitting in the car. Done.

Eventually, after mastering terminology 101, I graduated to Porsche 356's. Nice.

I finally made the full progression and went to 12 cylinder Maranello Monster.Nicer!

So, if ya think of right and left as if you were sitting on the bike, you'll be all right. Then sit more.

Classic content:

-Progress is being made on The BVVW jersey; we're waiting for color matched swatches from Woolistic.

-The Cirque Charity Auction WILL be the biggest, and best yet; in it's own venue with food and better organization.

- The next meeting of the BVVW will be Thursday December 8th. More later.

John T.Pergolizzi

Brooklyn, New York