Re: [CR]Interesting part, but what is it

Date: Wed, 16 Nov 2005 13:21:04 +0000
From: Steve Maas <>
Subject: Re: [CR]Interesting part, but what is it
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Are you sure it's a bicycle part? Lots of machines use chain drives. Did Philips ever make bicycle parts?

Steve Maas Dublin Ireland

Mr Joe McKishen wrote:
> Re:
> I bought a batch of bike stuff recently, and there was this one
> part I just
> can't figure out.
> It ratchets like a freewheel, but is too small, and hasn't got threads
> to
> attach it to a hub.
> here are a couple pictures, the only other clue is that it's labelled
> phillips.
> Http://
> Http://
> So are there any ideas as to just what I've got?
> Steve,
> It's just a guess, but it looks like it may have came from an adult
> trike or some sort of trike coversion kit?
> Does it have any sort of keyway inside? Is there any brand markings?
> Joe McKishen
> Vineland, NJ