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To further clarify in a possibly closer situation: In motorcycles, "front" "back" "left" and "right" are all decided from the position of the rider sitting on the seat, hands on the handlebars.

George R. "Syke" Paczolt

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Here's the non cycling analogous explanation:

Along time ago the Omnipotent Despot (Me) was VERY into Volkswagen Beetles. The issue arose as to what was the front of the engine and what was the rear. Most people will raise the rear deck lid (Not called the "trunk" as the engine lives there) and call the part of the engine they see (the area with the fan belt/distributor/ carb; the front. BUT they are wrong! The front would be the other side: the part with the flywheel; the part you NEVER see unless you yank the engine.

So the easy way I remembered the difference was to think of it as if I'm sitting in the car. Done.

Syke Deranged Few M/C

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