RE: [CR]1938 unis-sport (clothing) catalogue scan uploaded

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Date: Wed, 16 Nov 2005 11:56:04 -0800
From: joel metz <>
Subject: RE: [CR]1938 unis-sport (clothing) catalogue scan uploaded

youre welcome!

as to putting it up in the bulgier site, i may well end up starting up a section of my own pages to permanently house such things as this that i end up scanning in from time to time, that dont have something to do with one of my other pages... i mean, its not like i dont have the space to do it... but ive no problem with it ending up there as well!


>Joel.. MANY thanks for this. Absolutely delightful! Interesting that the
>national flag jerseys (p. 19) diplomatically opted for the German national
>colours of 1938 rather than, er, well, a representation of the then
>national flag.
>VintageVelos has done up a nice Unis-sport wool apres cycle shirt; I'd love
>to see them do the classic style national jerseys. But then I'd have to
>find some minty '38 Terrot racing bike to ride whilst wearing it.
>PS: I wonder if you could have this put up permanently in the Bulgier site??
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