Re: [CR]Common Superbe Pro bicycles?

Date: Thu, 17 Nov 2005 00:45:45 +0100
From: Freek Faro <>
To: "Bingham, Wayne" <>
Subject: Re: [CR]Common Superbe Pro bicycles?

I'm not sure exactly (I'll find out tomorrow) but in the pate 80s the Dutch Kwantum pro team (manager Jan Raas) rode Superbe Pro equipped bikes, Colnago's I think. At the same time there wa s an Italian team that rode Atala bikes, also with Superbe Pro. Johan van de Velde on the Gavia (Giro d'Italia 1988) had a Superbe Pro seatpost on his bike! I'll get particulars tomorrow. Freek Faro Rotterdam Netherlands

2005/11/16, Bingham, Wayne <>:
> >>>I'm not sure when Superbe Pro died out, but I know it's
> post-1983....(I'm 99% sure that the NR clone Superbe Pro is
> pre-1983)...... what brand and model of bikes commonly came with Superbe
> Pro as OEM, or as a common choice by bike shops that were building up
> framesets?
> Chris Kostman<<<
> There were various versions of both Superbe and Superbe Pro components,
> and even some crossover between the two. The early Superbe (late 70's?
> - mid 80's) was the Campy Record-looking stuff. The Raleigh Superbe in
> 80 and 81 was a mostly all Japanese Raleigh with a complete Superbe
> group. Pix of mine can be seen here:
> Trek also spec'd a full Superbe (well, mostly) 760 in '84, and used a
> smattering of Superbe parts on other bikes in their line-up over the
> years.
> Superbe Pro drifts off-topic here, and was around from the mid 80's
> through the early 90's, and resembles mid 80's Dura Ace as much as
> anything. It evolved through several versions from a mix of very
> Superbe-like components (brakes in particular - I'd swear that I've seen
> the exact same calipers and levers labeled both ways), to indexing and
> aero brake cable routing. Superbe Pro cranksets were offered originally
> with 144 BCD pattern, later changed to 130. I can remember very few
> full-Superbe Pro spec'd bikes, but there were a few, including a
> Cannondale Black Lightning, with a full black anodized Superbe Pro
> group.
> I have an '83 3Rensho project that I hope to do as a fully Japanese
> build, using Superbe Pro as the base group.
> Wayne Bingham
> Lovettsville VA