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Date: Thu, 3 Nov 2005 00:58:31 EST
Subject: Re: [CR]...removal seatstays bike frame

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<< oming with the stem, or more accurately I suspect, the stem came on a track frame which has the facility (or hazard perhaps) of removable seatstays. They are attached by the seattube tightening bolt and at the fork ends. Were these bikes ridden without the seatstays? Was there a supposed advantage in having the seatstays removed? >>

Tom: Lucky fellow! You obviously have come upon a Eragim "Harmonic".. Very rare & unique bike in which you could buy various replaceable seat stays, each "tuned" differently for different riders weights and styles. I can remember the first advert I saw for those bikes: "Make sweet music on your new Harmonic" I thought we might see one of those at the Cirque last year when the event was in April but likely not now that it will be in June...


Dale Brown
Greensboro, NC USA