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Subject: Re: [CR]...removal seatstays bike frame
Date: Wed, 2 Nov 2005 22:23:17 -0800

Never heard of or saw an Eragim "Harmonic" If that's what it is, then I learned a new trick today , again! I like it. I still go by what I wrote with the info I had, and hope to see it sometime too, if it is indeed an Eragim, or what ever it is. Any tubing decals? Ted Ernst Palos Verdes Estates, CA

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> << oming with the stem, or more accurately I suspect, the stem came on a
> track
> frame which has the facility (or hazard perhaps) of removable seatstays.
> They are attached by the seattube tightening bolt and at the fork ends.
> Were
> these bikes ridden without the seatstays? Was there a supposed advantage
> in
> having the seatstays removed? >>
> Tom:
> Lucky fellow! You obviously have come upon a Eragim "Harmonic".. Very rare
> &
> unique bike in which you could buy various replaceable seat stays, each
> "tuned" differently for different riders weights and styles. I can
> remember the
> first advert I saw for those bikes: "Make sweet music on your new
> Harmonic" I
> thought we might see one of those at the Cirque last year when the event
> was in
> April but likely not now that it will be in June...


> Dale


> Dale Brown

> Greensboro, NC USA