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Date: Thu, 17 Nov 2005 18:15:44 -0500 (EST)
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A few days before the next hurricane comes to your town, just pack up your family and head out to the desert. We'll get a couple of bottles of Red, head out to the garage, maybe put on a Bob Dylan or some Blues or even some good old mountain music. I have a couple of Internationals just waiting to get built up. Afterward we could go out for Mexican food. The next day we could take a leisurly ride up the greenbelt, then do it all over again. With all the wind you get in that part of the country, you'll probably be out here every month or so. Maybe I'll start buying Red by the case. (Sold my 356C....lost about $4000.)

Pat Moffat Tempe, AZ Blue sky, gentle breeze, birds chirping, 81F., humidity about 15%. Glory days in the desert.

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I always was happy with one or two bikes where in most of my young life I was just riding and owning one bike. The problem is now that I have greater funds, I also have greater responsibilities and it seems that the new max is owning four bikes with one project bike always in the works which I ride for a while and then sell. My wife and I just agree that four or five is enough for us. For now that is a San Rensho, a Raleigh, a Colnogo, a Benotto, and a Lemond. I would love to add a Peugeot, a Nishiki, a Schwinn etc, but such is life. If I could meet someone down in Miami who would let me come over for an hour or so each week while we both work on something in his stable I would be satisfied. It's not the owning part that I love so much as the learning. I had this same relationship with a friend who would build up an old Corvette, or a Porshe or a Mustang or a Datsun each year and I would get just as much thrill from building them as he would from paying $20,000 or so for each project and selling for a loss at the end of the year.

Garth Libre in Miami Shores Fl. looking for a wrench pal.