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My best deal has to be my 'karmic' 1972 Ron Cooper racing. Full 531 and original Campy NR/Cinelli, near mint.

I'll spare you the long story. It's funny though, and a worthwhile read. If you want to hear it, e-mail me. If I get enough interest, maybe I'll post it. Otis: You may cry if you read it tho ;)

This bike was originally located in my home town, in the sunny land of movie stars. And although I willingly gave up my charmed former life, and moved 750 miles away to be [temporarily] semi-impoverished with my fiance and family, it followed me here. Years later, it passed through my life on several occasions, and should have been permanently lost every time. Only to wind up in my hands for good, through more twists than the plot of a Hollywood movie, from whence it almost literally came.

Cost? Free, with the purchase of some house wares, as my fiance and I moved to our first real home together. It came with a box of NOS spare parts, extra wheels, cycling shoes, etc. too. It even fits me, and so do the shoes.

Choose to do the right things in life boys and girls, and don't do the wrong one's. What comes around, goes around. This I now know as surely as that the sun rises.

Bill Roberts Jacksonville, OR

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>Last question, of the cocktail party variety, which will probably start
>an interesting thread. What was your best deal ever?

Near the end of the last day of a 3 day garage sale I spotted an early '60s Condor with Gran Sport Campi derailleurs and shifters. Clearly not a high end frame, but very nice looking and apparently all original. Pencil thin seat stays, and the lower end of the fork blades are the thinnest I've ever seen. Pumpkin orange with a royal purple panel on the seat tube.

The woman running the sale says. "You can have that for hauling it away. Nobody wants it because of the funny tires (tubulars) and that hard seat (Brooks B15)"

Mark Stonich;
    Minneapolis Minnesota