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Date: Fri, 18 Nov 2005 06:20:13 +0000
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Hi CR folks,

The photo is hard to make out, but it appears to be a Huret Lux. Made in two versions, a long and a short cage. The Huret Lux deraillieurs were catalog items on Rene Herse bikes (as were many other deraillieurs). The lux came out after the Alvit (my guess 1966-1968) and the long cage model was a fine performer. In person, these are highly attractive,with nice chrome details and hardware.

You can see a Huret Lux on the Rene Herse Demontable highlighted in Jan Hein's Vintage Bicycle Quarterly a few issues ago.

Mike Kone in Boulder CO

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> John Thompson asked:


\r?\n> Isn't this just a Huret Svelto?


\r?\n> NOS Huret Jubilee style steel rear derailleur. Item number: 7196905440



\r?\n> 05440QQcategoryZ56197QQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem


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\r?\n> That is not a Svelto, but I don't know its name. The unit for sale has

\r?\n> Allvit-type geometry, with the parallelogram mounted at the bottom end of a long

\r?\n> "bar," which lets it more parallel to the FW edge (+/-). The Svelto uses a

\r?\n> Campy-style geometry, with the parallelogram swung from near the attachment

\r?\n> point. I can scan a Cyclo-Pedia illustration, and take a picture, if it is

\r?\n> really important for someone.


\r?\n> Somewhere in the abcesses of my brain there is memory that the earliest Allvits

\r?\n> may have looked like this, but don't hold me to it. That might explain the

\r?\n> interest.


\r?\n> harvey sachs

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