[CR]Re: Tabucchi catalogue

Date: Fri, 18 Nov 2005 21:44:44 +0000 (GMT)
From: Michael Butler <pariscycles@yahoo.co.uk>
To: Peter Brown <peterg.brown@ntlworld.com>
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Subject: [CR]Re: Tabucchi catalogue

Hello Peter, The Wolds are wonderful and so unspoilt, real old fashioned 60's cycling country which remains the same in 21st.century. Some years ago a few of us did a traditional Easter tour up there, we got absolutely bladdered in Raithby. I have had a chance to go through all the Cycling magazines and catalogues I reckon 1936 would be an accurate date for your Tabucchi brochure. Can find various references for the Superga and Secundus hubs but only have a 36 catalogue where it lists both. In the 1950 Pitman "The Cycling Handbook" it lists both as well. I love the Fens especially this time of the year, early morning when it is sunny and frosty lets hope global warming doesn't put pay to this. Today was the first time I had seen Fens look like this in at least 10 years! One of the places I went to today was Nottingham Lenton Boulevard hardly any trace of Raleigh's left in Nottingham (bleeding Derby Industries and Soros). Called into the dump not a single Raleigh there just Taiwanese mountain bikes ugh! Still at least I was in a Range Rover Sport SC 1st.Edition Finally will carry on hunting in the books but I now think these are quite early Campag hubs I can only remember the 50's QR type, perhaps 1936 will be a good starting point. Take care ATB Mick.

Thats all for now. Keep those wheels spinning, in your memories if not still on the road. Be lucky Mick Butler Huntingdon UK.