[CR]Cloth bar tape /was The romance is gone

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Subject: [CR]Cloth bar tape /was The romance is gone
Date: Sun, 20 Nov 2005 07:25:56 -0500

I am able to get it to lay flat and enjoy the challenge. But it is a workout (literally as I'm usually sweating and my fingers are soreand tired) and takes me upwards of 45 minutes per side. There is no trick that I'm aware of, just lots of work, reworking and even more reworking and eventually, it conforms. Almost like raising kids.

Eric Elman
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> Hi Steven,
> I have the same exact problem. When I was a kid I worked in a big bike
> shop and I was the only one of about a dozen mechanics who could get the
> cloth tape to lay down nice. It got to the point that everybody else just
> gave up and I had to do all the cloth tape jobs... Anyway, these days I
> just can't get it to lay flat. I know that the trick to it is to stretch
> the tape on the bias; but it just wont budge no matter how hard I pull.
> I'm thinking that they must have changed the tape.
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> On Nov 19, 2005, at 4:03 PM, Steven Willis wrote:
>> I have just covered a set of handle bars on a freshly built up older
>> bike of mine a Steven Calvert with old Campagnolo NR parts and the last
>> thing to do was the bar tape with the old stand by Velox cloth tape.
>> then all these memories came back. This stinks! I tried to remember if
>> there was some old trick to get it to lay flat but noooo. Too many years
>> of Cinelli cork tape in my hands. My hands have lost the grip to get it
>> to not get those little folds in the tape. Then I remembered I never
>> could get it to lay down perfect I would be happy to just hide it under
>> the bar where the customer might not see it. I did remember to hide both
>> of the ends under the new rubber hoods so it looks pretty clean. I need
>> to find some one who likes to do this, maybe Ray or Dave is coming over
>> for Friday night beer and I can get them to do it for me. Other then
>> selling my soul does any body have any stories to get it to lay flat for
>> me.
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