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Subject: Re: [CR]chainring bolts
Date: Mon, 21 Nov 2005 07:28:35 +0000
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Tom wrote ;

I still think the issue is not which tool to use. I think the slotted inside nut is the dumb design; apologies to Tullio and/or whatever french guy the Campagnolo family Ripped off and Duplicated. Truvativ (Off Topic I know) makes a chainring bolt set with 5 and 6mm allens. You think it would catch on. Sadly it hasn't.


Have I missed a posting here - who was the French guy that "the Campagnolo family" ripped off ? admittedly Georges Navet of T.A. fame did use slotted nuts prior to Campagnolo, but he put a solid bolt up the centre of it.

It's such a dumb design that everyone else copied it, and over 45 later it's still in use quite unmodified from the form shown in the 1958 patent.

Apart from that you can skin your knuckles just as easy on a the traditional chainring bolt that went before - especially one that the chains hit a few times !

Bob Reid Stonehaven Scotland (mapped)