Re: [CR]Info wanted on ttt seat post

Date: Mon, 21 Nov 2005 19:07:52 +1300
Subject: Re: [CR]Info wanted on ttt seat post
From: Wayne Davidson <>
To: CR <>
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sorry hit before I checked, was to be only to Bill.....wayne davidson Invers NZ......

on 21/11/05 7:06 PM, Wayne Davidson at wrote:
> Hi Bill, I've seen the odd one on eBay over the years, not real common, as
> to what they were fitted to, I have no idea. I think maybe more of an
> aftermarket fitment, as was a good looking item, esp compared to leter
> single bolt versions, they were cheap looking....regards wayne......
> on 21/11/05 6:59 PM, RB at wrote:
>> I have an interesting ttt seat post here, which I have never seen before.
>> I'm wondering if anyone has ever seen one, or can give me any information on
>> it, or what bike it would have come on originally.
>> It's appears to be on topic era, is alloy, has a fluted mast, and has a
>> unique clamp. It uses a single recessed allen bolt in front to adjust the
>> pitch, and then a bolt that comes through from the side, to clamp the
>> adjuster in place (which slides along a curved slot in front). A seperate
>> bolt secures the seat clamp halves around the seat rails. It's engraved
>> "3ttt" and 26.2 on the back of the mast, and also "Brev Italy". "ttt" on
>> the head. The mast/adjuster boss is cast from a single piece like an NR
>> post, and then the mast is machined down. The area where the adjuster boss
>> transitions to the mast is very thin. It's pretty light.
>> Thanks in Advance.
>> Bill Roberts
>> Jacksonville, OR