Re: [CR]Hi new member here.

Date: Sat, 26 Nov 2005 11:09:20 EST
Subject: Re: [CR]Hi new member here.

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> I'm 28 yrs old and am a bicycle mechanic in a north london shop and have
> been working in the industry for the last 8 yrs.
> I pretty much love anything velo , but my main intrests are lugged track and
> road bike and bmx the latter being the 'buzz' of flying through the air with
> complete control and also the technical aspect of riding ramps and such .
> Hi Ross,

Welcome to C-R! I am one of original member of the list and am a Britsh bike colector. I have 2 Holdsworth's, 2-C. Roberts, Jack Taylor, Hetchins, Carlton, and ofcourse several Raleigh's. Now, how your generation of people dealing with older steel bikes??

I know from my experiences (being there twice in 70's), your people keep, respect, and use older things than we do. How often do you see ordinary poeple riding pre 1985 steel bikes (I mean light weight, higher level ones)? Or, are there a lots of colectors of vintage steel bikes?

Thanks in advance, love to know what taking place in British bicycles today.

KEN TODA, High Point, NC, down to 20'F C-O_L-D! this morning