[CR]FS: a couple wool jerseys

Date: Sat, 26 Nov 2005 16:25:46 -0800
To: classicrendezvous@bikelist.org
From: joel metz <magpie@blackbirdsf.org>
Subject: [CR]FS: a couple wool jerseys

two good-looking jerseys that would look far better on someone with a snazzy italian bike than sitting in the bottom of my chest of drawers:

jersey #1 has been folded up in my wool drawer for years and years. seems like a size m, or about a euro 4. its blue (a little lighter than gios blue), with italian tricolor cuffs and collar. two 1" horizontal stripes across the midsection, inbetween them embroidered "cicli viner" in big ol chainstitch. the good stuff. "viner" also embroided vertically down each sleeve. made by natali bruno - yeah, i know, not *quite* vittore gianni, but still nice. by new old stock i mean pristine, never worn, never washed, but out of the package. 100% sheep hair, from virgin sheep, at that. i dont wear blue, and i dont have a viner, so i dont need this jersey. i do, however, need money. :) hows $40 sound? $4 postage in the us, more elsewhere.

jersey #2 also has had the folded at the bottom of the drawer treatment. unknown make, unknown wool percentage, but feels high on sheep to me. white body, bright blue sides and long sleeves, red collar, split blue/red cuffs. "cicli veneziano" embroidered small on right breast, "cicli veneziano imola" embroidered large on back. probably a euro size 5. this one is used, but still in very nice shape. again with that whole blue thing. $30 sound good for a jersey with a whole lot of life left in it, especially if youre not an azzuro-phobe like me? again, $4 post in the us, more elsewhere.

purge purge purge...

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