Re: [CR]Zeus seat pillar

From: "Steven M. Johnson" <>
Date: Sun, 27 Nov 2005 04:01:35 GMT
Subject: Re: [CR]Zeus seat pillar

I seem to recall reading back in the 1980s in some retail bike shop maga zine that Campagnolo sued Zeus for copying their products. It was not in the US.

In those times Bicycling carried advertisements for Campy groups for les s than US dealers were paying from Campagnolo USA (Itala Velo Sport). At a dealer show in Denver I can remember the Campy USA guy getting grief from everyone over this.

Steven Johnson, Shiloh, IL

-- wrote:

Its my recollection that Zues largely copied Campag. Certainly in 1970 t hey were advertising a two bolt seat pillar identical to a Campy. My gu ess is early eighties. I don't believe that Zues kit ever had much of a following outside the h ome market. In one respect they were in advance of Campag as I see that the 1970 Cri terium chainset went down to a 36 inner ring so clearly there was some o riginality. Ray Green Brighton England