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Date: Wed, 30 Nov 2005 08:19:52 -0800
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Funny the review mentioned that - the next issue of VBQ, which I am putting in envelopes right now, has real-life road tests of the various bikes in the book... Bi-Chain, Retro-Direct, Cyclo, Funiculo, Nivex, Spirax, Huret Randonneur, Allvit, Duopar and Campagnolo Rally...

In the next issue, we'll cover racing drivetrains, including Cambio Corsa, Gran Sport, Record, Super Record, various Hurets and hopefully some others...

The reviewer also thought the bikes were restored - except for a handful, they all are in original condition. Well-preserved, but not restored. It says so in the book, but you can't expect people to read 168 pages!

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>Based on the review I think Jan now has a good idea for his next book: how
>these bikes ride, shift, the differences, specific uses, etc. etc.
>Angel Garcia
>Verona, Italy
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