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Now we're having some fun! When you spelled the bike Eragim in your initial post I thought you might be on to something! English names are sometimes uncommon, with Welsh, Scotch, Irish, and all the dialects. I did a reverse spelling, like tums is smut, but now that the typo is corrected I can look right through the mirage. Is that Salome or what? I 've seen the most rare, and didn't connect the stays with wind-up power. Careful how you pronounce wind-up. And then again, you need a straightman and fallguyor it's no use playing. Besides, Tom liked my little info-post. So There. Ted Ernst Palos Verdes Estates, Ca

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> << Never heard of or saw an Eragim "Harmonic"
> If that's what it is, then I learned a new trick today , again! I like it.
> I still go by what I wrote with the info I had, and hope to see it
> sometime
> too, if it is indeed an Eragim, or what ever it is. Any tubing decals? >>
> Ted, you can see some info about Egarim model "Checkered Flag" in the
> Classic
> Rendezvous section called "Rarest of Rare (unbelieveable)!"


> Dale


> Dale Brown

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