RIP: IRC Triathlon Kevlar (was Re: [CR]tires for tandems...)

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Date: Sat, 05 Nov 2005 17:17:19 -0500
From: Louis Schulman <>
Subject: RIP: IRC Triathlon Kevlar (was Re: [CR]tires for tandems...)
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In my opinion, the best value in a narrow clincher was the IRC Triathlon Kevlar. Indestructable, long-wearing, good ride, good fit, reasonably light weight, tan sidewall. And, under $20. That was a great tire.

Of course, like every non-gimmicky non-hyped product,it now appears that IRC has stopped making this tire. A comparable tire, such as the Veloflex Pave, costs three times as much, and I'll bet it isn't as durable.

I wish I had stocked up on these. If anyone knows of a cache in 700x20, let me know.

Louis Schulman Tampa, Florida

C. Andrews wrote:
    > I can attest that Rivendell Ruffy-Tuffys are hands-down the
> best clincher tires I've ever ridden, for tandems in
> particular, but even for single bikes, if you don't mind a
> little extra weight...they're probably as close to
> flat-proof as a clincher can be, they have an incredible,
> ocean-liner ride, and they corner addition,
> they seem to be faster (less rolling resistance) than any
> other clincher I've tried (and although I dislike clinchers
> in general, I've tried quite a few now)...
> If there were any justice in this world, Grant Peterson
> could retire on the profits from his tires..maybe he should
> make them in all-black. He could sell a bazillion of them.
> The Roly-Poly might, on balance, be the best clincher tire
> ever made...a paragon of the virtues, with no vices.
> Well. One vice. Or two. They aren't made in a 27", and
> they aren't made in a wire-bead. Other than those two
> clincher ever, in my view