[CR]Masi ,Cinelli,colnago for sale

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Date: Sun, 6 Nov 2005 18:30:05 +0100
From: "Matteo Brandi" <cheroketz@libero.it>
To: "classicrendezvous" <classicrendezvous@bikelist.org>
Subject: [CR]Masi ,Cinelli,colnago for sale

(drumroll and bassline.and some heavy beats too,please)

Masista-fashionistas,Colnagoers and Cinellisti

Here i am ,the leader of the pac trying to finance me and the purchase of a new MAC

Im steppin in,droppin it like is hot with what im offerin,u may ridin with Matt and Chuck

Ya hear,my name is on the list

This wanna make you rise your fist and say"give me that Masi first!"

Ok kids i have the following for sale:

The deal of a lifetime only to the CR list. I have a 1974 Masi with twin plate fork crown that is in the final stages of a repaint at Ed Litton's.

You all know the quality of Ed's work, so beassured that this will be Ben&Gerry CHERRY Garcia!! It is a 58 cm frame as measured by Masi (or 56 cm c/c seat tube). It is also one of the very few frames to have the super-cool slotted drop-ou ts(those are factory as i ve been told by Albertos) so we are talking about major mojo/funk/uniqueness here. According to Ed, if all goes smoothly from here on in, the paint job should be ready for month's end, in the worse case scenario, it will be ready in time to put under the Christ mas tree (of 2005!)

I would normally wait until the repaint is complete and then simply ebay it, but I still have a short while before Ed starts the spraying, so if you a ct today, you would have the special opportunity to choose the color that yo u want the frame painted. How kool is that?

I am asking $1500 for the frame and fork, but may be willing to negotiate if you also buy parts to build it up. In parts I have amassed a number of other Masi collectibles that I had intended to fit to this fram e. I will give precedence on these items to anybody buying the frame, after the sale of the frame, they will be put up for sale to the general CR list membership. The parts include:

Campy '75i mexico cranks Masi cut-out chainring Wheels with Campagnolo hubs and Fiamme rims. lightly used BB with NOS cups and NOS bearings Campagnolo seatpost with Unicanitor saddle. Campagnolo brake calipers and levers Campagnolo NR rear derailleur Lightly used Campagnolo pedals NOS TT cable clips NOS everest CHAIN Cinelli stem and bars NOS yellow cablehousing Campagnolo SR levers NR rear derailleur. Campy front derailleur Probably NOS campy calipers with straight levers. NOS campy hoods NOS campy seat binder Campy steel headset with some NOS parts.

Take advantage of this unique opportunity and turn up for the next Masi riders' get-together and you are certain to draw stares. Get the So-Cal M asi crew squirm like PAmela at the Heavy metal MAsipalooza festival.

I also have the following parts for sale: 1 pair of Colnago toestraps.Those are NOS and i personally never seen su ch a pair.The have the clover logo on the buckles,and on the bag,they say "servizio corse"see pix here: http://www.wooljersey.com/gallery/Brandi?page=2 im askin 50 usd shipped for those.

I have also a NOS CInelli Unicanitor,later model.silver winged C logo on the left,and cinelli printed on the back in silver.saddle is suede,in whi te.It ssays unicanitor on the underside.Suede shows some wear( read some dust)it darkened a bit,but i t can be easily cleaned with proper product.

im askin 50 usd shipped http://www.wooljersey.com/gallery/Brandi?page=2

Peace Mon ,one Masi ..One love! Matteo Brandi Firenze, Italia

ps:Yes,if u want the MAsi,you must pay now,and you can pick it up yoursel f at Eds.Otherwise,s/h is included.Once deal is done,You can personally t alk to Ed a bout all the details.