Re: [CR]Motobecane Champion Team Track Bike

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Date: Sun, 06 Nov 2005 19:19:26 -0500
From: Joe Bender-Zanoni <>
Subject: Re: [CR]Motobecane Champion Team Track Bike
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To: Guy Apple <>
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In my experience as a Motobecane dealer and over the years since I have never heard of or seen a Motobecane track model of any sort in the US. It only struck me when you raised the question. Maybe the US importers were simply not interested. Sounds like a custom or special order bike to me.

Joe Bender-Zanoni Great Notch, NJ

Guy Apple wrote:
>Hi to the CR List Members,
>I picked up a Motobecane Champion Team track bike frameset over the weekend. It is the same color and build quality as the CT roadbike shown on the CR site:
>The overall build quality of the frame is quite good showing plenty of care/skill and it has those heavy duty track-type Campagnolo drop outs that I see from time to time. I know nothing about this make. Can someone ID the production date for me, any background on this frame would be good if possible?
>My guess is 1969-1972? WAG for sure...


>Thanks to all,


>Guy Apple

>Sunnyvale, CA