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Date: Mon, 07 Nov 2005 19:41:22 -0500
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Subject: Re: [CR] Identification of Unknown Frames Polite Request

John: That is indeed a very interesting frame! The cast lugs would indicate 1950s to mid (at the latest) 1960s to me. It has very distinctive seat stay top eyes.. Never quite seen similar. The fork crown is not that unusual.. Not a clue, IMO. The star is interestingly a 6 point star, could it be a Star of David? Could that denote a Jewish craftsman? Pretty neat puzzle!

Dale Brown Greensboro, NC USA

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Sounds like a good idea, so I'll ask again with the info requested below. Can anyone identify this frame? I appreciate the input so far, but I have not found a definitive example by the makers that have been suggested to me. So here's the info and a link to some pics. I hope the fork crown might be a good indicator. Frame number: 49510 Location of number: On seat tube, directly below the seat post lug, stamped on the right side of the tube. Other than a 6 pointed star stamped in the seat post lug, there are NO other numbers or markings on the frame, NO decal or paint remnants (had been poorly repainted in the past). Threading: Italian, based on the Campagnolo bottom bracket that was in there (Brev Inter Campagnolo 36 X 24F). Details: I don't know what a "brake bridge" is, but all the dropouts are Campagnolo, chromed. 120mm rear spacing, 100mm front fork spacing. pics:

Jon Furst Salinas and Livermore CA USA

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> Subject: [CR] Identification of Unknown Frames Polite Request
> When people are asking for help in identifying makers
> of frames could the following details please be
> listed.
> 1. Frame number.
> 2. Location of number.
> 3. Threading eg. British, French or Italian.
> 4. Details such as make of ends, straight brake bridge
> etc.
> All this would be of great help in assisting in this
> identification process instead of relying on
> supernatural powers.