Re: [CR]Fake World Logo Hoods & fake decals - beware

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Date: Tue, 8 Nov 2005 13:25:48 -0800
From: Kurt Sperry <>
Subject: Re: [CR]Fake World Logo Hoods & fake decals - beware
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I'd think that an abundant supply of faithful, inexpensive, counterfeit World Logo hoods, provided they are of good quality (better than original hopefully!), would be all to the upside. I see no losers from a collector's perspective, except maybe a few people stockpiling originals for resale. Everyone else wins. The scarcity and value of the originals has made keepin g my bikes- and hoods are high profile, something that can be seen at first glance to be correct or not- period correct practically impossible.
   Needless to say, anyone that is trying to pass off fakes as the real thing and asking the price of originals deserves nothing but contempt. But I'd think a ridiculously low price and a wink would be sufficient disclosure just as one knows full well that the cheap decal sets on Ebay are most likely repros.
   Kurt Sperry Bellingham WA
   On 11/7/05, <> wrote:
> Have folks seen all of the fake Campag gum World Logo hoods and vintage
> decals that are out there lately? Always ask if products like these are
> genuine or reproduction before buying (especially on eBay - beware of vag ue
> wording etc. in listings, as always). There are an awful lot of reproduct ion
> decals (tubing, etc.) out there, as well as some repop Campy hoods.
> Apparently, both the hoods and decals are being made in the US and Asia.
> None of the reproduction items I've seen for sale was stated as such. Cav eat
> emptor.
> Greg Parker
> Ann Arbor, Michigan