[CR]Those "Fake" World Logo Brake hoods

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From: <tsan7759142@sbcglobal.net>
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Date: Tue, 8 Nov 2005 18:22:33 -0500
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Subject: [CR]Those "Fake" World Logo Brake hoods

I'd like to point out that a reproduction becomes a fake when an attempt at deception is made as to the item's origin. "Fake" does, justly, carry a strong negative connotation. I advise caution here. A very well respected List Member is marketing these hoods for $40 per pair and no attempt at deception is made on his part. I view it as a real service to the bike community. Like someone said, perhaps these will not rot away and fall apart as readily as the now very expensive originals. I sure hope so. At any rate let us be very careful not to label those purveying them as villainous, unless we see them trying to misrepresent them. I can state for a fact that the gentleman who offered them to me at the above price is a fine and honest fellow and I am more than willing to go to the mat with anyone suggesting otherwise. I am refraining from naming him here because of the negative vibes I have heard in describing these hoods from some folks. I would not be surprised to see this fellow weighing in on this very shortly. I am darn glad he is making these available and I have long hoped someone
would do so.
Tom Sanders
Lansing, Mi