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Date: Tue, 08 Nov 2005 22:28:44 -0600
From: John Thompson <>
Organization: The Crimson Permanent Assurance
Subject: Re: [CR]On eBay a rare Edelstahl
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Ken Sanford wrote:
> could someone please translate the description for us igorant types...

Compliments of The Fish (

There are many Rueder, but none like this. This wheel is in any relationship which [something] Geniesser and connoisseur. The silver resplendent trussed frame stands out doing good against the [something] selected and nature components held. Filigrane of high-grade steel pipes become [something] with laser-cut gussets a small masterpiece [something]. This wonderful high-grade steel framework comes from the house Brainymen (originating in Germany) where also these filigrane high-grade steel fork is built. I build for this frameworks it only in RH:59 cm center stepping camp to upper edge of oberrohre give according to desire on it can almost all components be blocked this in the picture I simply and simply developed me [something] it so at the best in front only one chain sheet with 42 tooth (Campagnolo Retro crank) as well as a Campa record derailleur with the Campa record thumb lever the Laufrueder still the Campa Eurus 1.Serie is eightfold with the brakes pleased me the Magura HS11 because of the optics best all parts is not new and has much only by storing here and there a [something] is rounded off the whole with titanium shields (I make) titanium porch and one Brooks leather saddle with titanium rack. Other equipments on request nevertheless considers the framework has a delivery time of ca.6 weeks looks also times on mine `` mich``Seite we to build e.g. also [something] completely from titanium [something] the special Bikes see pictures Morati titanium MTB or Tommasini MTB both with Rohloff


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