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"What about all us poor Masi and Cinelli owners who bought frames only. In the 70's top end was Campy, you had a choice of rims, stems and bars, clip s and straps and tires. When I replace a part on a 70's vintage bike, all I try to do is stay within that era, I don't care if the lock ring on the hu b is correct for the day I bought the frame, who will ever know."

Well exactly. I am all in favour of purists so this is not a criticism.

Then again, I take period correct beyond the bike. I am not going to not ice the brake hoods on a perfectly original Masi or Raleigh or Sears Free Spirit if the rider is using modern pedals and wearing spandex Cirque du Soleil riding kit.

Am the only one? Nope. True story: I was riding my '73 Cinelli SC (not

another silver one either!) a few weeks ago in wool Vittadello jersey, woo l shorts, cycling cap, little white wool socks, Dettro Pietros, Ray Ban aviators and even gloves with buttons not velcro. Did he notice my Cinel li had Modolo hoods (shame.. it does.. I'm sorry).. nope! He said my WATCH was not 70s!! And he was so right. I felt SO ashamed. I need to buy a expe nsive 1970 Piaget or something. And let my hair grow to a suitable '70s length , too. So Nick... I'm with you, bro. Just don't stop at the bike.

Peter Kohler Washington DC USA

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